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What is an outside scholarship?

An outside scholarship comes from any source other than an educational institution. Typically, the funds are made available by individuals, business and non-profits as a way to encourage success of the next generation of students who are studying a related subject matter. Outside scholarship applications usually require an essay on a particular topic, academic records, interviews, or more.

What are the requirements for outside scholarships?

Scholarship sponsors (the entities who provide scholarships and funds) typically are hoping to award the funds to students with a record of academic achievement, along with interests and skills in a particular industry. In line with this, organizations that align with a student’s interests and skills can be a great resource.

Will an outside scholarship affect the amount of financial aid I receive from my school?

In some cases, yes, this can happen.  Your school’s financial aid office requires accurate reporting of outside scholarship funds because there are federal laws requiring schools to adjust financial aid down if outside scholarship money causes the total amount to exceed what is necessary. The amounts are determined by the FAFSA.

On the upside, most schools allow you to apply outside scholarships against your student loans. Any additional funds left over can be applied to the institutional package. Using outside scholarships this way can be a great asset in reducing the impact of student loan debt. For more guidance, be sure to contact your financial aid office.

Where do you find your scholarships listed on this site?

We built and maintain a proprietary web crawling bot to scour the web for the latest scholarships in the United States.

Do I apply for scholarships directly through this site?

No – instead, you’ll see a link to each scholarship’s application page. Simply go there to learn more about the opportunity and start your application if you wish. We simply list scholarships, and do not facilitate the application process.